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Just about all lenders, including us, have programs for good credit borrowers, but what about those who have tried to get financing to buy a new home, tap into their home equity, or obtain mortgage refinancing and have been turned down?

We have several FHA and government assisted programs for poor credit mortgages. Including divorce, post bankruptcy, and very low credit scores; Non mortgage alternatives are available to save $100’s of dollars on your monthly bills through Debt Settlement and Credit Score Rebuilding.

Being qualified for a mortgage loan with bad credit is often times dependent on a few key points:

1. Is your lender approved for down payment assistance, FHA, and other sub-prime programs?
2. What is your credit score and is anyone giving you sound advice?
3. What are your income and debt ratios?
4. What is the Loan to Value you are looking to borrow?
5. If you've been turned down is your lender helping you take the steps to become qualified?

It's a good idea to find out the minimums and maximums for these items while interviewing us as your potential lender. Complete our quote form to provide us with the information needed to determine your eligibility and an experienced loan officer will contact you immediately. Even if you have been turned down before, don't give up as we have programs not available to mainstream lending institutions.


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